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Application to the Emmaus Scholars Program

Note: Prior to filling in this form, please review the section below titled "References".

This application process requires *three references. You will need to approach them and get their commitment to write a letter of support prior to filling in this application. Below you will find a space to give us their names and email addresses - we will then contact them about submitting letters of support for you.*

Name *
Academic Background
Current Academic Standing *
The Emmaus Scholars Program involves 10 hours of academic credit (REL295, LDRS201, MIN395). Please indicate if you are currently enrolled in, or have completed one or both of the following courses (Note, these are two courses that you will be expected to take if accepted into the Emmaus Scholars Program):
Contact Information
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Home Address
Personal Background and Understanding of the Program
Do you have any close friends who are also applying to become Emmaus Scholars? If so, kindly give us their names.
Think of three people (a close friend, a professor, and a pastor who know you well and can support your application to become an Emmaus Scholar (these individuals can be here at Hope or at home). If you have a hard time thinking of a pastor who knows you - consider approaching one of your youth pastors, a campus chaplain, etc). Approach each of these individuals, and explain to them why you want to become an Emmaus Scholar. Only after they have agreed to offer you a reference should you submit their names and email addresses below.
Reference: Peer / Close Friend *
Reference: Peer / Close Friend
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Reference: Pastor / Chaplain
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Reference: Professor
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We begin selection Emmaus students on October 25. Today's date is: *
We begin selection Emmaus students on October 25. Today's date is:

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Emmaus Scholar. If you have any questions at all about this program, please feel free to contact either Dr. Mark Husbands (Director) or Sarah Kim Hoos (Assistant Director).